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Genie-Soft; a Delaware incorporated company, is a commercial developer of backup and security software solutions that was established in 2001 by its owner and general manager Muayyad Shehadeh. It has since been a worldly renowned company in its introduction of simple yet robust backup solutions winning many awards and being one of the top leaders in its industry.

Genie-Soft's edge is in its introduction of simple solutions to complicated problems. Sleek, clear interfaces and intuitive wizard-based functionalities make our products the most enjoyable and easy-to-use software titles in their categories.

Alongside its user-friendly applications and dedicated customer support, Genie-Soft also targets business-to-business (B2B) solutions through OEM partnerships and other mutual-benefit business models.

Mission Statement
We at Genie-Soft dedicate ourselves to safeguarding individuals' and organizations' economic viability, achievements, memories, connections, creativity, and privacy by protecting their data, using software solutions that are powerful and flexible enough to be used by the most advanced computer user, yet intuitive and simple enough for a novice user to operate.

As we strive to achieve these goals, we take it upon ourselves to maintain and uphold the following core values:

  • Furnishing the most user-friendly solutions for the most delicate problems.
  • Catering for what our customers WANT and NEED.
  • Outstanding technical support that not only solves problems and addresses concerns, but also builds a relationship with the customer towards transforming their feedback into actual service and product improvement.

    Company Vision
    Genie-Soft was formed around a vision; the vision that was generated from a dream; the dream of creating things that never were; desktop applications that can eventually be integrated together in one package to produce the best and most comprehensive user-experience possible.

    Every achievement in life starts with an idea; the idea will be followed by the key elements for success, which are hard work, creativity, intelligence, dedication and sacrifice. But still, that all won't stand alone to craft a successful cutting-edge application. Those all are the pieces of the puzzle, but nobody can put those pieces side-by-side without the ability to imagine how they will gel together.

    The secret to success in the world of desktop-application development is the ability to see what others cannot. Once an idea works, everybody will start saying "why didn't I think of that?" And that's how the story goes.

    Vision and futuristic thinking always pave the way to higher achievements. Farsighted eyes always put their beholder two steps ahead of everybody else, enabling him to envisage the big picture that the rest crave to take a glimpse at.

    One of the focal points in Genie-Soft's envisioned road is to provide applications and utilities that others have failed to provide comprehensively, either for the lack of vision or for the lack of interest. Such utilities, like Genie-Soft's backup applications, can make the user's life easier and enhance his productivity at work and home.

    Genie-Soft aims to become a household name in the security solutions industry; providing what competitors couldn't create while simplifying and improving what other companies had already thought of.


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